Cathilas Farm Soay

Rare Breed Hogget or Old Season Lamb and Prime Mutton


A truly different taste to commercially bred lamb - a whole rare breed 'Soay' hogget or prime mutton whether delivered to your door.

Soay are the most primitive native British breed of sheep and originate from the St Kilda Islands (recently featured in the BBC series Britain's Lost World). They are classified as 'At Risk' by the Rare Breed Survival Trust as there are less than 1500 breeding ewes in the country - equivalent to one large commercial farm. By buying meat from our rare breed flock you are helping us to sustain this 'living heritage' and protect the genetic diversity they represent for future generations.

Soay are smaller than commercial breeds of sheep and take between 18 and 30 months to mature. Our 'old season' lamb (also known as 'hogget') is about 18 months old and our prime mutton is about 30 months old when slaughtered compared to lamb from most commercial flocks which are slaughtered at about 6 months old. Both the breed and the age at slaughter mean that our meat has far more depth of flavour than conventional lamb. It is a much darker colour, close textured and very lean. Consider, hogget is to spring lamb what beef is to veal.

At Cathilas Farm we have about 20-25 breeding ewes and raise about 30 lambs per year for both meat and breeding stock. We manage our flock as naturally as possible:

  • Our sheep are grass fed;
  • We use no artificial fertilizers or pesticides;
  • We do not use any GM foods;
  • We do not use antibiotics or other medicines routinely, only when they are required for the health of our animals;
  • We do not use any growth promoters;
  • We do not inject water into the meat.

Our animals are slaughtered (and butchered) at a small local abattoir, where they are dealt with individually as soon as they arrive rather than being penned overnight with hundreds of other sheep from different farms. This prevents them getting stressed which is good for them and also for you since high levels of adrenalin adversely affects the taste of the meat.

A box contains the following cuts as standard:

  • Whole leg (2);
  • Whole shoulder (2);
  • (Chump) chops;
  • Loin racks (2) (for crown of lamb or cut into cutlets);
  • Rolled boned breast (2) (great for shepherd's pie);
  • Neck chops.

If you want your meat butchered differently it is not a problem - just let us know when you order. You are welcome to come and collect your order in person or we can deliver it to your door by express courier delivery. For transportation, individual cuts are separately wrapped and labeled and then packed with plenty of chiller blocks in a sturdy polystyrene box. All our meat is delivered fresh and is ideal for freezing.

A hogget box contains approximately 6.5-7.5kg of meat - price 80 + 14 UK delivery.

A prime mutton box contains approximately 10kg of meat - price 100 + 18 UK delivery.

Please call us for availability and ordering details on 01558 685841.

Cathilas Farm, Abergorlech,
Carmarthenshire, West Wales SA32 7TB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)1558 685096



Rare Breed Old Season Lamb or Hogget and Mutton for sale.